Bank Constanta

  At the end of 2007 according to the Georgian Law on Microfinance Organizations  Constanta Foundation founded commercial entity “Bank Constanta” and handed over the microfinance operations to it.
  Since 2007 till 2011 the Bank Constanta became one of the most healthy and well governed commercial banks with the large regional presence.
  In 2011, as a result of violation from government officials side, the shareholders of the Bank Constanta and the majority shareholder Constanta Foundation among them, were obliged to sell their shareholding. In March, 2011 the ownership structure of the Bank Constanta did change and  TBC bank became a major shareholder of it.
 In 2011-2015 the Bank Constanta continued very successful development and by the year 2015 with its 60 branches it became the largest microfinance provider  and one of the largest agricultural financiers in Georgia.
 In 2015 the merger of TBC Bank and the Bank Constanta took place.
 Since its inception Constanta (Foundation and Bank) served more than 900 000 small entrepreneurs and farmers all over the country, trained and assisted in personal development more than 1900 staff members and 600 village consuls.
 After the merger of the Bank Constanta with TBC bank, the key management team of the bank Constanta left the Bank and continued with the Constanta Foundation.
  As a result, Constanta Foundation besides its unique history has very strong, highly qualified and well trained Governing Board, key management and staff members.